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GeminEye Tarot

Heather Cryer - Tarot Consultant


Year In Advance Reading

Using an archetype board designed by Carolyn Myss, I draw and place cards that fall in the houses corresponding to the zodiac.  Readings outline general energies relevant to the different houses and how they will affect you in the coming year.  Readings are usually requested on Birthdays, New Years, and other important yearly benchmarks.

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General Reading

Choose your favorite Oracle or Tarot deck to gain insight into your question at hand.  Readings are not predictive of yes or no kinds of situations, but instead reveal the energies at play in your situation.  

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Reading for Healing

This kind of reading is designed to reveal the shadow aspects of a situation that is possibly causing discomfort or 'stuckness'.  Healing occurs when the querent (that's you) gains insight into your own feelings, values, beliefs and behaviors that have been trying to teach you those important lessons needed for growth.

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A Little About Me....​

Tarot - More Than Just a Deck of Cards

I first became curious about Tarot cards and other divination decks about 24 years ago when I had two small children and going through plenty of personal upheaval.  Tarot Cards back in those days were limited in supply and variety and I purchased as my first deck a basic Rider Smith Waite deck with a bright yellow card placement sheet that doubled as an instruction page.  The images were simple and charming and I immediately felt a connection to the images and people on the cards.  I didn't pursue learning about Tarot until much later because I had too much going on in my life to warrant playing around with cards.  Eventually, I purchased a deck at my local used bookstore and fell in love all over again.  The time between my first exposure to Tarot and Oracle decks was difficult, joyous, painful at times and definitely full of all of the material I would need to relate to the archetypal images of the cards.  I began reading for myself and few friends and discovered I had a talent for tapping into a field of knowledge that was actually helpful for people.  I tried to use the cards for telling peoples fortunes and predicting specific events, but as Yoda says "always in motion, the future" and so I found myself leaning more on Tarot as a guide through the murky darkness of our subconscious.  I learned many of the basic symbolic references and attributes of each card, but really discovered that I was an intuitive reader who could help create a story line for the querent that formed a map through which they could navigate their problems.  I found it deeply satisfying to help people find solutions and empowerment by exploring the symbols and imagery on a deck of cards.  What I offer today is a reading style that aims to open channels of consciousness that simply lie dormant so you can find your way out of the darkness and into the light.

Oracle Cards - Divine Purpose and Crystal Mandala

Thoth Tarot Cards


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