Cartomancer - Spiritual Advisor


Every person asks the fundamental question, "Why am I here?".  The pursuit of that question can be summarized in the Major and Minor Arcana of the Tarot.  We are the consummate fool, trusting, seeking, leaping...into each day, moment, situation, relationship, career.  Each card is a mirror to the struggles we are facing and the figures and symbols represented, reflect us, our environment, the joy and the sorrow and sometimes the catastrophe of our lives.  My mission is to help each seeker see themselves in the cards and have a newfound empathy for the figures seen there.  Empathy fosters compassion and in seeing themselves in the cards, the seeker can have compassion for their situation and begin to see a way out.  My mission is to help the seeker see the story in the cards and to help write a different ending.


I hope to help as many people as I can to see their worthiness, to accept their faults and failings and realize that 'everything is gonna be alright'.  I hope that each seeker finds their way on this path of life and comes to recognize the light that dwells within.